School Carnival Balloon Decor

School Carnival Balloon Decor Seattle

A Seattle Middle School needed to create an incentive for students to fulfill statewide testing obligations. In past years, attendance and participation were near 50%. School administrators offered carnival day to all students who participated in the week-long testing. Nearly 100% of the students showed up to school every day and took all the tests!

To put a smile on the student’s faces as soon as they walked into the gym, we wanted the school carnival balloon decor to be visible above the partitions. Pearl balloon arches with 16″ balloons filled up the space quickly and affordably, and stretched from the dividers to the bleachers. Two bright balloon columns showed the children where to enter into the carnival.

What a great way to encourage kids to make good decisions – reward them for achieving what appeared to be impossible goals.

With attendance and academic success within the public schools decreasing, consider offering a school fun day for students who have perfect attendance or show measurable improvement in their studies. School carnival balloon decor makes the reward extra fun and happy!

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