Quadrant Homes Balloon Arch

Quadrant Homes Balloon Arch Bothell, Washington

A sales event in Bothell, Washington, the Quadrant Homes balloon arch let visitors know it was a special weekend. Incorporate colors of Hunter Green and White. We did an arrow pattern for the arch. Lots of patterns are available for arches and columns including stripes, diamonds, flowers, and zigzag.

Does the balloon arch look a little different than what you’re used to? Good eye! It’s actually two arcing balloon columns lined up to form an arch. The large silver stars blocking the end of the second arcing column.

Sometimes the plan changes for placing balloon decorations. The client changed their mind about wanting two columns and wanted an arch instead. So we improvised and they were delighted with the results.

The large foil star on top can be imprinted with a corporate logo or message. Or how about a call to action?

If you’re considering a balloon arch over a public road or street but city ordinances don’t allow anything over the streets, consider a pair of arcing columns.

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