Outdoor Balloon Topiaries

Outdoor Balloon Topiaries Renton, Washington

Outdoor Balloon Topiaries are a great way to draw attention to an outdoor event. IKEA sponsored a child safety fair. Balloon Topiaries provided entrance decorations and let people know something was happening at the store.

Extra wide ribbon accents blew in the wind creating movement that caught the eye. Bright spring colors were chosen for the springtime event.

The balloon topiary columns were tied to the handrails. The balloon columns can be strapped to fencing or other rigid objects. If there is nothing to attach them to, we have steel base plates that hold up the balloon topiaries allowing you to place them anywhere.

The poles can also be driven into sod, sand or other soft material.

For evening events, ask about lighting options. Turn the balloon topiaries into giant 12′ tall balloon lanterns!

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