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Balloon Column

Need a balloon column? The choices are endless.  Here are some popular designs for you to consider. Everything is scalable – we can create them larger or smaller.  Prices start at $30, and average around $100 for a 7’ column. The designs shown are scaled to the silhouette representing a person about 6’ tall.   

Columns let guests know where the event is, when used as entrance décor or along a hallway or pathway.  Enhance a focal point such as a stage, cake table, or speaker’s table. Perhaps taller columns with lights throughout the room to provide ambiance, and with customized balloons, they can reinforce your brand, message or theme.

Customizations include custom imprinting, personalization (lettering for just a few balloons), glitter balloons, confetti balloons, or lighted balloons.  Imagine bold balloon columns with the jumbo balloon internally lit, casting a soft glow.

Do these work for outdoors? Yes, they can.  Outdoor décor has challenges, however. The Skagit Valley can get quite windy, so framed columns are preferred. Choose lighter colors over darker colors, as the darker hues tend to pop in the sunshine sooner than lighter ones.

Balloon Arches

Balloon Arches are the staple decoration of Balloon Art. Iconic, ubiquitous, bold.  Arches come in as many different configurations as Balloon Columns. Here are a few popular designs for your consideration, starting at $125 and average around $300 for doorway or stages.  

Frame a doorway to build anticipation, or use as a backdrop for a stage, framing the speaker or guest of honor. Accent with greenery, lights, or balloon letters – spell out your company name or message.  Imagine an awards banquet where employees are recognized for their achievements. Arches certain colors or with a specific message are lined up at the front of the room. Employees who made 100% of the sales goals stand under the blue arch, those that made 110% under the red, and those that achieved 120% stand under the  gold arch. And the top seller stands under an arch made entirely of star shaped balloons. How fun is that? The balloon decorations not only create a bold and visual focal point, but also become interactive with the guests, and provide a photo op for each group.

As with the balloon columns, arches are fully scalable. We can make them small enough to  sit on top of tables, or large enough to span a football field.

Helium Balloon Bouquets

Helium balloon bouquets, simple, clean, and effective in painting the room with a splash of color.  Ranging from a single, large balloon to a big umbrella-like cluster, helium balloons fill a room quickly and affordably, compared to other décor mediums.

Bouquets on tables can mark silent auction sections by color. Using customized balloons, consider floating the table numbers high above, where they are easily seen by everyone, instead of on the tables.  All of our helium balloons are treated for extended float times, so expect to get at least a week out of them, if used exclusively indoors. Setting up your event before? No problem, our balloons will be full and buoyant throughout your event even if delivered the day before.  No more hassle shoving balloons into a van and untangling them at the venue, let us deliver them ready to be placed on the tables.

Floor bouquets make affordable entrance décor, stage décor, and general room decorations too.  Ask about custom imprinting with your logo or slogan.

If your event is outdoors, we never recommend helium decorations. Be sure to let us know if your event is indoors or out so we can recommend and price appropriate balloon decorations for your event.

We can also mix in star shaped, heart shaped or any of the special shaped themed balloons. Just share with us your theme and color scheme, and we will gladly create digital mock-ups for your consideration absolutely free.

Back Drops and Balloon Drops

Looking for an alternative to banquet room walls or fabric backdrops? Try a bold, colorful, custom designed balloon wall or a series of columns.  We can recreate most logos in a big wall. Imagine your logo 8’ tall, as a backdrop for a speaker, or as a photo backdrop.

Everything we create can be logoed, customized or personalized, sized up and lit up.

Other Fun Stuff

Balloons are such a versatile medium to create just about anything, and can be scaled larger or smaller. Share with us your vision for your event, and we can provide ideas.

How to order a Balloon Arch

Wonder what goes into determining the right size for a balloon arch? This two minute balloon decorations ordering guide video walks you through things you need to consider when ordering balloon arches.

This section of the balloon decorations ordering guide consists of several flyers showing different balloon pattern options and balloon design options. Our samples are not exhaustive, they are meant to fuel conversation and creativity. Browse through them and learn what is available.

This flyer illustrates 12 different balloon arch and balloon column patterns that can be created using just two colors.

If you see a balloon design that appeals to you but need help visualizing it in your colors, contact me with the reference letter(s) and colors desired and I will email you the balloon design in your colors.

This flyer illustrates 12 different balloon arch and balloon column patterns that can be created using three colors.

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