Cubicle Balloon Arches for sales promo

Cubicle Balloon Arches

The sales department decorated with cubicle balloon arches to remind the sales staff of that quarter’s sales promotions and goals, and created a fun atmosphere to work in. The cubicle balloon arches are air-filled and look great for weeks. Lots of colors available. Switch the colors out seasonally, or with each promotion. We can customize the arches to fit any theme too. No cubicles? That’s ok. We can create freestanding arches, or hang branded balloon decorations from the ceiling. We can work with you to design the best balloon decorations for the office, to increase brand promotion or sales goals. Lightweight signs can be hung from the cubicle balloon arches, communicating the sales goals or promo messages directly. Other uses for cubicle balloon arches include employee of the month or department of the month celebrations.

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