Balloon Wall UW Logo

Balloon Wall UW logo Bothell, Washington

This Balloon Wall featuring the University of Washington’s gold W against a purple backdrop is 8 feet tall x 10′ wide. It was set up in the middle of the Bothell campus for a week, welcoming new and returning students during Student Orientation week.

A great place to gather with friends and take pictures in front of, as it provides a great backdrop. Share that school spirit with Mom and Dad!

The Balloon Wall UW Logo was set up outside for 5 days. We used foil balloons because they last longer than latex balloons.

Balloon Walls are easily adaptable to not only simple logos as seen here. The 6″ x 6″ square grids can be filled with 6″ balloons or 3″ balloons. The smaller balloons allow for more detailed designs. We can also embed signage that you provide.

Imagine a bold image, like the UW logo, lit up against the dark background. We can insert individual lights into the balloons controlling which balloons are lit and which ones aren’t. Really make your message visually pop!

Are you the creative type? Try your hand at designing a wall. Simply use graph paper or a spreadsheet program and color in the squares and email it to us for review. The panels are 4 squares by 8 squares, or 2’x4′ so the design needs to fit within those parameters.

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