Balloon Tulips Centerpiece

Balloon Tulips Centerpiece Mount Vernon, Washington

Living in Skagit Valley, famous for the annual Tulip Festival, we had to have a balloon tulips centerpiece. The vase is also a balloon. Using a distortion technique, we took a 16″ balloon and made it into a vase. Lots of colors available. Instead of tulips, we can create daisies or even use silk flowers.

The balloon tulips centerpiece has many options. A glass vase instead of a balloon vase can be used. Tulips all in one color or dozens of colors.

Why settle for regular floral centerpieces when we can design one that is artistic and unusual? Did you know the latex balloons we use are fully biodegradable? The rubber is harvested in a sustainable manner, ensuring decades of latex sap harvest from the tropical trees. How green is that? Need flowers in a true blue color? Balloons are the way to go. The color palate is broad with deep rich colors.

Consider branding the balloon flowers or vase with a message or logo.

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