Balloon Entrance Decorations

Balloon Entrance Decorations

Balloon Entrance Decorations in red, white and silver. 6 balloon columns, three on each side. Each with a large red star on top. The balloon arch on the end features a reverse spiral design. To be visually balanced, the balloon entrance decorations have the spiral designs leading the guests into the room.

Why entrance decor? Balloon entrance decorations serve several purposes. One – they let people know where their event is. Typically, invitations or announcements will have a theme or color scheme. We design decorations that coordinate with the rest of the creative package of the event. Two – it captures the attention of the people, transitioning their thoughts from everyday cares to an anticipation of what lies ahead. Three – depending on the design, it can double as a photo backdrop for guests to stand in front of for selfies and group shots. And Four – for some events, where getting people out of a room quickly is needed, having the photo op outside helps to empty the room.

If the latex balloons feature a logo or message, that message is broadcasted all over social media when people upload their pictures.

The featured balloon entrance decorations were for a youth New Year’s Eve event in Auburn Washington.

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