Balloon Columns Black White Gold

Balloon Columns Black White Gold, Seattle, Washington

A law firm in Seattle was hosting a client appreciation open house event. Not satisfied with traditional balloon decor, they asked for unique balloon decorations. The corporate colors are black and white, punctuated with gold. The elegant, artsy design of the neon balloon column was perfect for their event.

Lots of colors available to match your colors. Consider branding the balloon columns with your logo or message. The top balloon can also be lighted and turned into balloon lamps.

If you have selected a theme for your celebration, the columns can easily be designed to compliment your theme. For example, if casino is the theme, we can accent the balloon columns with dice, poker chips or playing cards. For an anniversary banquet, the milestone year can be featured on top of the columns.

Mini versions of this design can be created for coordinating table decorations too.

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