Balloon Arch With Bauble Accents

Balloon Arch with Balloon Bauble Accents Redmond, Washington

A Balloon Arch in Redmond, Washington. Bright fun colors served as the entrance decor to an outdoor company picnic at the Microsoft campus. 6 colors in a well-disbursed pattern accented with small round balloons attached to long skinny balloons (balloon bauble accents) made the cold July day not seem so dreary.

The balloon arch itself has many options – a single solid color, two or more colors spiraling around each other, or other patterns like zigzag, diamond, flower and more. The embellishments are additional. Lights, silk flowers or greens, balloon letters or numbers, or other balloon twisted elements can carry the theme or message.

When looking for just a touch of an accent color, consider bauble accents as a way of adding a third or fourth color lightly to the decorations. Many times we’ve been asked to create an arch in black and white, for example, with just a touch of a third color. If adding a stripe or spiral in the accent color is too much, bauble accents may be the perfect choice.

For evening events, ask about putting lights inside the baubles. Or having them imprinted with your company name or logo and lit up? The options for branding the decor are endless.

Balloon art can be more than just eye candy at your event. Have it also promote your business or message. Ask how we can brand the decor to suit your needs.

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