Balloon Arch Tunnel for Trade show

Balloon Arch Tunnel For Bellevue Washington Trade Show

A bold balloon arch tunnel using large 16″ balloons in Fishnet Security’s main colors of black and white, accented with burgundy balloon collars. The large pearl arches bounced back and forth between affiliated booths, creating “Fishnet Alley” as a unified sponsor area at the security trade show.

Brand your trade show balloon decorations with custom imprinted balloons. Or ask if your logo renders well as a giant sculpture that can be suspended over your booth or sponsorship area.

Change up your trade show booth with unique balloon art that carries your message and branding in a fresh new way.

If you’re sponsoring a stage, ask about balloon wall backdrops. Go big with your branding!

Are you the trade show coordinator? We can work with your exhibitors directly or through you, and provide balloon decorations that are guaranteed to look great the duration of your event. If helium balloons are used, we properly anchor the balloons so they don’t get loose and end up on the ceiling.

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