School Carnival Balloon Decor

School Carnival Balloon Decor

School Carnival Balloon Decor Seattle

A Seattle Middle School needed to create an incentive for students to fulfill statewide testing obligations. In past years, attendance and participation were near 50%. School administrators offered carnival day to all students who participated in the week-long testing. Nearly 100% of the students showed up to school every day and took all the tests!

To put a smile on the student’s faces as soon as they walked into the gym, we wanted the school carnival balloon decor to be visible above the partitions. Pearl balloon arches with 16″ balloons filled up the space quickly and affordably, and stretched from the dividers to the bleachers. Two bright balloon columns showed the children where to enter into the carnival.

What a great way to encourage kids to make good decisions – reward them for achieving what appeared to be impossible goals.

With attendance and academic success within the public schools decreasing, consider offering a school fun day for students who have perfect attendance or show measurable improvement in their studies. School carnival balloon decor makes the reward extra fun and happy!

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Purple Gold Balloon Arch

Purple Gold Balloon Arch

Purple Gold Balloon Arch UW Huskies

A Purple Gold Balloon Arch let the visiting team’s fans know where to go for pre-game football festivities in Pullman Washington.

Even though it was very cold outside – check out the icicles! – the balloon arch looked great the whole time.

Sports events are perfect events for balloon arches. Players like to run under a balloon arch onto a field or court. Balloon arches also make great photo backdrops for team pictures and fan pictures. For nighttime events, ask about lighting options for the balloon arch.

For cross country meets that run into the evening, we can work lights into the balloon arch to make it very visible for the runners to see.

Options include doing a series of balloon arches to create a tunnel. Or, instead of a spiral arch, consider a string of pearl arches.

Elementary, middle school and high school events can all use balloon arches to enhance school spirit at sporting events, school dances and school assemblies.

Even though we are located in the beautiful Skagit Valley, we have a van and will travel.

Grand Opening Balloon Arch

Grand Opening Balloon Arch

Grand Opening Balloon Arch Lynnwood, Washington

A green, blue and white Grand Opening Balloon Arch was the focal point for the festivities at a transit station in Seattle. The arch had to be tall enough for a bus to pass under it. The spiral pattern reversed at the top.

Grand opening balloon arches are a great way to draw attention to your place of business. With our air-filled arches, there are no worries of balloon arches sagging under the weight of the rain or getting blown around in breezy conditions.

We have lots of patterns available for our arches. Striped balloon arches, bold spiral balloon arches, diamond pattern balloon arches, zig zag balloon arches, arrow pattern balloons arches just to name a few.

Embellish a grand opening balloon arch with foil stars, lights, or balloon baubles or other thematic elements.

Grand opening balloon arches are great for indoors too, if you need an arch to be on display for more than a day.

Call us for grand opening arches in the greater Seattle or Bellevue areas. We also do grand opening balloons arches in Everett, Marysville, Arlington, Mount Vernon and Bellingham. We deliver, set-up and take it down for you.

Balloon Entrance Decorations

Balloon Entrance Decorations

Balloon Entrance Decorations

Balloon Entrance Decorations in red, white and silver. 6 balloon columns, three on each side. Each with a large red star on top. The balloon arch on the end features a reverse spiral design. To be visually balanced, the balloon entrance decorations have the spiral designs leading the guests into the room.

Why entrance decor? Balloon entrance decorations serve several purposes. One – they let people know where their event is. Typically, invitations or announcements will have a theme or color scheme. We design decorations that coordinate with the rest of the creative package of the event. Two – it captures the attention of the people, transitioning their thoughts from everyday cares to an anticipation of what lies ahead. Three – depending on the design, it can double as a photo backdrop for guests to stand in front of for selfies and group shots. And Four – for some events, where getting people out of a room quickly is needed, having the photo op outside helps to empty the room.

If the latex balloons feature a logo or message, that message is broadcasted all over social media when people upload their pictures.

The featured balloon entrance decorations were for a youth New Year’s Eve event in Auburn Washington.

Baby Shower Airplane Theme

Baby Shower Airplane Theme

Baby Shower Airplane Theme Bellevue, Washington

Baby Shower Airplane Theme spiral topiary centerpieces. Each featuring balloon airplanes, clouds accented with white feathers and lights. The design stood over three feet tall on each table. Seated on a round mirror, the mirrors reflected the design and lights adding dimension to the table decorations. On top of the design is a small silver crescent moon outlined in white lights.

The spiral topiary design is a flexible and elegant frame easily adapted to fit any theme, as seen here in a baby shower airplane theme. For a corporate awards banquet or corporate milestone event, consider balloons and elements in corporate colors. Accent with elements featuring a logo or message. Celebrating a decade anniversary? We can feature the decade number at the top, with stars spraying out to add to the celebratory air.

The tall design allows table numbers to be placed high where they are easily seen. Additional decorations can be placed in the center of the design.

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