Balloon Arch Tunnel for Trade show

Balloon Arch Tunnel for Trade show

Balloon Arch Tunnel For Bellevue Washington Trade Show

A bold balloon arch tunnel using large 16″ balloons in Fishnet Security’s main colors of black and white, accented with burgundy balloon collars. The large pearl arches bounced back and forth between affiliated booths, creating “Fishnet Alley” as a unified sponsor area at the security trade show.

Brand your trade show balloon decorations with custom imprinted balloons. Or ask if your logo renders well as a giant sculpture that can be suspended over your booth or sponsorship area.

Change up your trade show booth with unique balloon art that carries your message and branding in a fresh new way.

If you’re sponsoring a stage, ask about balloon wall backdrops. Go big with your branding!

Are you the trade show coordinator? We can work with your exhibitors directly or through you, and provide balloon decorations that are guaranteed to look great the duration of your event. If helium balloons are used, we properly anchor the balloons so they don’t get loose and end up on the ceiling.

Starting line balloon arch Seattle

Starting line balloon arch Seattle

Starting Line Balloon Arch for Fundraising events

Large graceful brightly colored starting line balloon arch directs walkers and runners to the start or finish line. Make it easy on your volunteer staff and let us put up the start and finish line arches. Cost an issue? Consider a sponsor for the arches. We offer top printing on the latex balloons, so the sponsor’s name, logo or message is very visible on each balloon.

If it looks like rain on your event day, we have non-helium options.

No race is too small. We can make child-size arches for the little ones to parade under, or for our furry friends that participate in walks and runs.

Ask how we can work your logo or message into the decorations to further carry your message to the masses.

People participating in fundraisers take lots of selfies and group photos. With branded balloon decorations, your message may be broadcast through social media in the background.

Servicing Bellingham, Mount Vernon, Marysville, Everett, Lynnwood, Redmond, Bellevue, and Seattle.

Glowing Ball Balloon Centerpiece

Glowing Ball Balloon Centerpiece

Glowing Ball Balloon Centerpiece

Glowing ball balloon centerpiece provided enough light to reflect off the rhinestones below the balloon. The logo for the women’s health event resembled a sunburst. We recreated the logo using rhinestones. The glowing ball balloons were suspended and gently moved as the ladies walked by the tables, creating motion. Several colors are available.

Lights in table centerpieces give the room an elegant ambiance. Branded table decorations can be beautiful, as with this women’s health event sponsored by Valley Medical Center in Renton, Washington. The more information you give us regarding the event, the better customization we can do for you. Incorporating your message, logo or other motifs into the decorations.

We service King County, Snohomish County, Skagit County and Whatcom County. Call today and let us put some glow into your next event.

Easter Balloon Decorations

Easter Balloon Decorations

Easter balloon decorations Redmond, Washington

Easter balloon decorations filled a long hallway at a Redmond, Washington church with bright spring colors. 11′ tall balloon topiaries in solid colors created bold blocks of color as far as the eye can see. The colors we used here were lime green, orange, goldenrod, rose and pale blue. A great color combination for Mother’s Day and other springtime events.

Other fun decorations include a giant basket filled with eggs or flowers. How about one large enough for people to step into for pictures? Or a larger-than-life egg hunt with “grass” 2′ tall?

Air-filled topiaries are a visually lighter version of balloon columns. This budget-friendly item is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Balloon topiaries as centerpieces are also available.

Suspended above the balloon topiaries were large agate balloons. Agate balloons look like giant marbles.

Add color and fun to all of your seasonal and holiday celebrations. We can design decorations for your home or for large ballrooms and malls.

We service the greater Puget Sound area including Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Lynnwood, Everett, Marysville, Arlington, Mount Vernon and Bellingham.

Cubicle Balloon Arches for sales promo

Cubicle Balloon Arches for sales promo

Cubicle Balloon Arches

The sales department decorated with cubicle balloon arches to remind the sales staff of that quarter’s sales promotions and goals, and created a fun atmosphere to work in. The cubicle balloon arches are air-filled and look great for weeks. Lots of colors available. Switch the colors out seasonally, or with each promotion. We can customize the arches to fit any theme too. No cubicles? That’s ok. We can create freestanding arches, or hang branded balloon decorations from the ceiling. We can work with you to design the best balloon decorations for the office, to increase brand promotion or sales goals. Lightweight signs can be hung from the cubicle balloon arches, communicating the sales goals or promo messages directly. Other uses for cubicle balloon arches include employee of the month or department of the month celebrations.

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