Square Balloon Arch

Square Balloon Arch

Square balloon arch

For the grand opening of the emergency wing of a local hospital. The opening was in the fall, hence the fall colors selected.

Modern, clean, linear, the square balloon arch is a refreshing alternative to the curved lines of most balloon arches. Because a frame is used, signs are more easily hung from the square balloon arch. Options include square packing the balloons. That technique creates four flat sides to the balloon arch legs. Attaching signs is much easier to a square pack balloon column or arch since one is attaching to a flatter surface.

For evening events, especially outdoors, opt to light it up, literally lighting the way to an entrance or other focal areas.

The square balloon arch is a great arch for attaching letters, logos, and other elements. Consider top print balloons to further communicate your message.

Seattle Balloon Arch

Seattle Balloon Arch

Seattle Balloon Arch accented with Butterflies and Flowers

Larger than life flowers and butterflies embellished this Seattle balloon arch. The balloon arch was the focal point at Westfield Mall’s booth for a girl scout event.

The flowers and butterflies were inspired by artwork at the mall’s information center. We can design balloon decor around a desired motif or theme.

After the event, guests could cut the flowers and butterflies loose and take them home. Imagine your logo or branding on the flowers and butterflies, getting more “face time” with people interested in what you do. Just let us know if you want balloon arches or other balloon decorations designed so guests or attendees can take pieces with them. People enjoy taking home souvenirs, especially balloons!

The garland or packed style balloon arch lends itself to many kinds of balloon embellishments, as well as other lightweight cutouts, lights, silks or whatever your imagination desires.

We deliver balloon arches to all locations between Seattle and Bellingham.

Castle Balloon Column

Castle Balloon Column

Castle Balloon Column

The lights playing off the balloon columns are stunning, aren’t they? Kudos to Sojourner Photography! Castle balloon columns decorated the stage for a little girl’s Wish, through the Make A Wish Foundation. The ladies you see putting on the final touches are volunteers who helped transform a church chapel into a proper princess ball.

The castle balloon column, also known as a princess balloon column is a popular choice among girls of all ages. Great for quinceaneras, sweet 16 parties or even princess themed weddings.

Customize the banner on top of the columns with a name or message.

Icy balloon columns in white, silver, or light blues with lights is simply magical.

Check out the Princess Theme Centerpiece to see a shot of the room.

Spiral Centerpiece With Lights

Spiral Centerpiece With Lights

Spiral Centerpiece with lights

Spiral centerpiece accented with balloons, feathers and lots of tiny white lights. This centerpiece is tall, about 3′. The airplanes and clouds complimented the baby shower for a boy. The top balloon is a silver crescent moon. The moon was also outlined in tiny white lights, creating a nice focal point.

a 12″ round mirror platform reflected the lights and design of the spiral centerpiece.

This design is easily adaptable to any theme, including corporate galas. We can feature the logo on top, or numbers, such as a decade anniversary.

For a wedding, we can place a bride and groom on top.

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Homecoming Balloon Tunnel

Homecoming Balloon Tunnel

Homecoming Balloon Tunnel in Seattle, Washington

Create a dramatic entrance with a homecoming balloon tunnel. Why spend the money on expensive venues where keeping track of the students can be challenging? With dramatic balloon entrances, grand dance floor treatments, and awesome balloon drops, the students quickly forget they’re “at school”.

Decorating for an in-house homecoming or prom is a great culmination project, requiring hours of planning, coordination, vendor relations, ticketing, crowd control, food and beverage calculations and traffic control. Real life problems that people are hired to solve every day.

We can work with students on the design and execution of the balloon decorations. Students enjoy being a part of the planning process. There is plenty of math this is used in determining the number of balloons and helium required to do the job right.

Put the physics class to work calculating the how much mass and size of a footprint is required to keep 8′ tall balloon columns from falling over when a 40′ long string of pearl arches are attached to the top of the columns. The number will amaze you.

Or how many balloons at a prescribed size are needed for a balloon net 40′ long and has a diameter of 5′? Balloons are round, remember.

Call today and we can work with school staff to turn the balloon decorations into a multi-disciplined school project.

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