About Balloon Splendor

Rachel Porter is the owner and operator of Balloon Splendor right here in Skagit Valley, WA. Rachel was hired by a military industrial Fortune 500 Company right out of High School and worked her way up in administration. It was in this environment she learned collaborative problem solving and process improvements in cross-departmental teams, learning how to effectively communicate with engineers, managers, administrators, assistants and the rank and file people like herself.

After 10 years, she left the company and started her own business, and today, after over 2 decades of being her own boss, Rachel still enjoys working with corporate types, finding her niche market serving businesses of all sizes!

In addition, Rachel is a Certified Balloon Artist focused on designing and installing event decor that enhances the purpose of the event and creates the desired emotion, within budget. In other words, she provides color and ambiance to your event.

As a big picture thinker, she thoroughly enjoys hearing the overall plan for the event, understanding the top level logistics, and listening to the issues and concerns that have come up. Taking 10 years of inventory control and expediting (aka problem solving) experience at Honeywell and coupling that with 20 years of event design and decorating experience, Rachel brings a unique mix of experience and knowledge to the table. She loves learning new things, hence you will notice her interest in what you’re saying is genuine!

Create a Lasting Impression At Your Next Event