Balloons Announcement

Balloons Announcement

Everyone has seen one of these before. A familiar air-filled piece of latex, commonly called a balloon. If I asked you to imagine yourselves with a balloon, what would you be doing? A day at the park with a child? A birthday party? School dance? Baby shower or wedding? New Year’s Eve? Something fun, I’ll bet.

What can you do with a balloon?

Rubber balloons have been around since 1824 when they were created for use in hydrogen experiments. Some scientist thought, “What can I do with a balloon?”

Really big balloons have been used at high altitudes to track weather patterns. Some meteorologist thought, “What can I do with a balloon?”

Clearly, balloons are useful, but did you know they are the most popular party decoration? Available in a rainbow of colors and in lots of sizes and shapes, balloons are a very versatile medium for decorating. When used as building blocks, the possibilities are endless! Latex balloons are biodegradable and therefore eco-friendly, decomposing about as fast as a tree leaf. As décor goes, balloons are extremely affordable compared to other décor mediums.

Why do we usually associate them with an event or a celebration? Because balloons are for FUN!

What else can you do with a balloon?

They can be made to resemble some very identifiable elements we see every day. For instance…  

Architecture has used columns for 1000’s of years. There are probably some columns on your local courthouse or City Hall. Can you do that with a balloon?  

Not with one balloon. But… if you combine some balloons together, viola! Balloon columns!   These were created by Balloon Splendor for the grand opening of a local library. Much more fun than stone columns.    

What else can you do with balloons?  

Arches are also a well-known element around us; we see here some very identifiable arches in Rome. Impressive.

Can you make an arch out of balloons?

As a matter of fact, in the 1970’s, a Disneyland employee created the first viable balloon arches for decoration at the park. 

Some creative employee wondered, “What can I do with a balloon?”  

Because of his breakthrough, balloon arches like this one could be created by Balloon Splendor for a corporate celebration. Is it any surprise that this type of balloon structure originated at “happiest place on earth”?

So, one gets to thinking: if balloons are affordable, super-versatile decorative elements used to express FUN, can we go beyond columns and arches?  Maybe we need a challenge…..

What can you do with a balloon?  

What about signage? Here’s an example; a Holiday Inn logo works like a sign that beckons,”This way to a nice hotel.”You can’t use balloons for signage, can you?  

YES, you can!

Balloon Splendor incorporated their own logo to make this “balloon wall” for a Holiday Inn event.   Looks more inviting than a flat sign, right?

What can you do with a balloon?

Let’s stretch the limits a little further….  

OK, I got it: this is the Eiffel tower, an iconic structure that the world associates with Paris, France. Wouldn’t that be fun, to go to Paris and see this famous structure?

Can you make that with a balloon?

See for yourself….   This is a balloon re-creation of that same iconic tower by Balloon Splendor. It was the focal point for a Parisian-Themed event at a local casino.

Relaxation is fun, too. What can we imagine to get into a fun and relaxing state of mind. 

How about a palm tree? What do you feel when you see tropical palm trees? Are you at work? NO. You are enjoying yourself, right?

Can you make palm trees out of balloons?  

This is a palm tree grove, complete with parrots, made from balloons for an event. Created by Balloon Splendor as the focal point for the room, this balloon sculpture set a festive mood.

Not only are balloons the go-to decoration for celebrations and events, they can be used to build sculptures and structures like columns, arches, signage, buildings and trees.

This is not everything that can be done with balloons….not even close. But perhaps I have impressed upon you the most important thing you can do with balloons….