Driveway Balloon Arch for a birthday celebration in Lake Stevens Washington

Driveway Balloon Arch

A black, yellow and hot pink driveway balloon arch directed guests to a 50th birthday bash at a lake front house. The colors selected matched the rest of the decorations at the tent. A driveway balloon arch is a great way to let your guests quickly discern where the party is.

If the driveway is obstructed with bushes or trees, balloon columns may be a better option. We can build balloon columns and balloon arches without latex balloons also. Sometimes trees and bushes can cause balloons to pop, especially on breezy days.

To customize this driveway balloon arch, consider upgrading to 16″ balloons in the string of pearl arch. Balloon letters or decals can be applied to the balloon to spell out a special greeting.

Number of Balloons

Number of driveways on the road

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